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Face Closed
face closed
shut it down
features rubbed out, one by one
then cut all the rest away
remains pasted into rows
line 'em up
cauterized & relinquished
identically bereft
brazen oubliettes raised from the snows
knock it off
transients from amnestic cathexes
bearing voluminous complexions
a waste to know
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 2 1
Marrow of a Planet
once god, now sod
in a garden of weeds
the spiders in the vines have unforgivable needs
bones broke, then smoked
sulfur's haze is staining
it's only all the marrow of a planet draining
both mineral & cannibal
clay golem in fields awry
while Odin, hanging in the vines, chews his eye
what we have seen...
now swallow the eye
swallow the eye
swallow the eye...
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 4 3
Fools on the Freeway
was out driving the other day
just any ol' day spent in between the traffic
can't really say where i was supposed to be goin'
seemed real goddamn important that i get there, though
time flies by between the colored lines
stuck under the pendulum swing of yet another stalled traffic light
all slack-eyed, half an attention span
there's this big ass truck parked right in front of me
scroll after scroll of literature plastered over the back bumper
and one of those little 3 buck plastic stickers says to me:
ha ha ha... no shit?
can't stop myself from laughing
gotta wonder who's in that crawling colossus anyway
why he thinks he can say a fucking word 'bout "freedom" to any one
i never once met a free man in all my livin' days
always kinda figured they were just urban legends or the like
heard they keep to hiding under rocks & in the tall grass at night
'cause ya never know who might wanna take all that freedom away
"Free", ha ha ha...
that ain't you & that ain't m
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 1 2
Equinoctial Weave
dank, moldering frames of reference
hanging from a crooked wall
impress upon me the outpouring of these insets
transverse travesties of photogenic vanity
shrieking into a plastic bag
a wet, flimsy sack of exiled memory
foregone delusions sliding out of position
a threat to all accepted instillations
now washing away in tinted trickles of melting snow
identify with the sewerages beneath discernment
wavering pillars of confusion flail like ribbons on a vernal wind
inquiries entangled in this equinoctial weave
as a nameless slurry slips through my cask of dislocated fingers
this vexation itself may be the necessary vessel
an awakening of all the auguries prior disregarded
straining at the lid, eye cannot know but for preconception
viscous iron iris, subject to the will of lye & lotus
something's awry in the brainwaves breaking upon these shores
my glass house risen sidelong from within a shallow dusk
glowing sallow complexions across the moors & over the coves
would that i could be entran
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 2 4
Jar of Fire
her heart is a jar of fire
palm-sized sun ablaze with desire
eating glass in feigned sobriety
deadbeat deity to a deathbed society
blood boiling one spoonful at a time
cast out with wrath into a bucket of slime
OK, OK, that can be me, that's fine with me
but i can't drink water
she keeps my heart in a whiskey bottle
soaked & broke, but mostly hollow
familiar silhouettes shift in stained glass
sermons run long & the church burns fast
sweat breaking thru the grasp of clenched fists
3-winged fireball absorbed into the atavist
and i can't drink water
someday soon she will hurl this jar of fire right thru my bedroom window
then while i chew on the broken glass, my house will burn down to the ground
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 2 7
Timelapse Inertia
wasted, waived & wayward
alright, i’m on my way...
zodiac rewinds
idols cry out in 7 fluorescent sigils
lost in their own mechanoid labyrinths
paper cradles crumble up & fade
and the constellations sigh...
night for day for night... alright...
wanna get lost with me for a while?
this world’s not goin’ anywhere just yet
keep an eye out for the stars & everything will be OK
esoteric, intangible minutia
in this dominion of a million crazy, warring gods
how’d you end up subjugated by numbers?
seems silly in hindsight, as things tend to
i don’t remember where all that time went
but it’s probably not too far from here to nevermind
running through the aftermath
catch me if you can, timelapse inertia
night for day for night... & everything will be alright...
the wild seasons shift & ebb as they will
taught myself how to speak with the sky
sought a friendship with the moon & the titans out of space
weather passes undeterred between us
none of us going too far from
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 1 1
Melinda, reflected in flesh by infernosilver Melinda, reflected in flesh :iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 3 4 Sheeba + Me by infernosilver Sheeba + Me :iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 4 4
The Futility of Innocence
what is peace?
what is war?
what is “god” & what’s it for?
Momma, why are you crying?
run along & play... OK...
watch me as i slip away...
at least we’ll always have Elysium
& the little child fades to white
passing through the gateway,
young pilgrim at the bridge of light
to the forever fields of Elysium
that I once knew as Innocence
of infinity & omniscience
a whole life has passed since I was there...
what is love?
what is hate?
why is Daddy home so late?
get the hell out of my way... OK...
watch me as i fall away…
& the little child blurs to red
into the gateway,
young phantom at the hammer’s head
at least we still have Elysium
what is want?
what is need?
Brother, is that why you bleed?
wondering what you might say... OK...
watch me as i tear away...
& the little child pales to blue
pushing past the gateway,
young wanderer doesn’t know what to do
what is new?
what is old?
Sister, are you getting cold?
everything l
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 2 5
Might Have Been
all that might have been
may yet come
hold my breath in a desperate grip
impassioned by a distant past
i wait at an abandoned crossroads
in patient privation
naked & timeless
we’ll see who’s really been left behind
what still could be
might have been
returning soon enough
i’m here a lot sometimes
up there in the night
if i fall, not a soul will hear
i thank you all for the silence
for what it’s worth...
and all that might have been
already was
everything else is gone
and i was never here...
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 0 4
just run
now run,
run, run, just run...
now run away
run free
run away from me
now run away & don’t look back
just run,
run, run, run free...
cut the cord that measures the distance between us
I drop the line yet pull you even closer
use the cord to tie me down as you fade out of focus
don’t look back, just run...
run, run, run away...
I can’t hold you here anymore
set me down & turn around
into the infinite intimate
you are free
now run,
run, run, run away from this...
feel my hand in yours once more before you go
go free, go on, go ahead
don’t look back for me
you won’t need my hand anymore
I only want you to be free from this
please run,
run, run, run away from me
don’t look back, just run...
keep running until you reach the spheres of sleep
and there I will see you again, very soon
so don’t look back
rest your weary eyes facing forward
and soon I will be running over the opposite horizon
running to you, once again...
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 2 6
Blink of the Eye of the Storm
Downpour of hours seem to be days of drought
I thirst even as I drown
Thicken the quicksand, crack open the drain
Hours to sink
Moments to think
Blink of the eye of the storm
Here comes the rain…
Dropping one by one unto me
Errant liquid persuasions
Seeping into me
Creeping right through me
Focus the maelstrom & tie it in a knot
Make some passing connection
To the intruder in my own reflection
As seen, crystalline, in puddles on the floor
This instant is an inverse funnel of infinity
Vacuous thoughts leak from the back of my mind
Rain drops tumble down along the cracks of broken glass
Lining the splintered panes of an empty window
In this abandoned clock tower
Staring through the shattered storm sash
My still, vacant eyes
Heedlessly watching the rainfall
Just to pass the time
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 0 2
Outer Space is Pouring In
another nightfall & there’s a red moon rising
dark matter now
doesn’t matter when
it was always over
fallen to the behest of all ends
out from the emerging abysmal
sickle blades descending
fear of a red moon
shine on a torpid hemisphere
all encapsulating vermilion
spilt ink on a blank page
graceful as eroding amber
outer space is pouring in
just ask the naked eye
nothing was ever there
fear of this red moon arising
and outer space relentlessly pouring deeper & deeper inside...
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 3 4
Truth as a Brainwashing Agent
bending silverware
with knotted fingers & a forked tongue
twist the fixtures until they snap
then revel in my demolition
pin the pieces upon my chest
and declare them medals of honor
so shall they become, always to be
in a very real way, they already were
just try to tell me otherwise
I’ll tangle you in your own convictions
twist your words until they’re traitorous
then exult in my denigration
I’ve gone crooked on you
with my disfigured truth
spouting surreal words
with fingers crossed & forked tongue in cheek
whisper disfigured truths into history’s ear
then rejoice in my plagiarism
tie your wings behind your back
and mitre you tomorrow’s hero
so shall you become, it was meant to be
I have mysterious ways, consider it already done
just try to see things any other way
I’ll blind you with your own dreams
whisper deformed tenets upon your flesh
then triumph in my vandalism
I’ve gone crooked on you
with my disfigured truth
face to face with your dissiden
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 1 5
Winter is My Mistress II
Bury my heart beneath a pillar of salt
It will fail to purify
It will fail to melt the ice
So cold is my heart
So deep is my hate
So cold is my heart
So deep is my love
For the Lady of Winter, my mistress
Pale now my eyes, in hiemal rime
Shivery zephyrs bear the sundering of oncoming doldrums
And the sun tumbles down from a sullen sky
Upon the advent of virginal snowfall
So cold is my heart
A velvet shadow falls fast over the moor
To bury my heart within a freezing miasma
So cold…
So deep…
So cold…
Blank stars still shine
In secret places
Black stars of ours
Still intertwine
Yours and mine
Beneath our frozen faces
Behind our cold & lifeless eyes
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 2 6
Hex Nectar
a chalice of wringing hands
awash in a liqueur of opulent fruits
juicing amethysts, nursing pearls
drawing blood from the Rosetta stone
all the while, she’s swimming in this beguiled wine
hex nectar drowning her gentle mind
her wilting will, the rat on this sinking ship
all the while, she’s cavorting amongst incumbent monuments
clutching that cursed cup, raised to her gaping mouth
the sickly ichor staining her pristine lips
becoming as glamoured glass murals on the windows of a blasphemous chapel
alas, Rosetta, idolatress
dismissed from angelic grace
even in perfection’s garden high
you were a lone rose in immaculate ivory
risen from a bed of ashen rocks
alas, Rosetta, poisonous
lily white fingers in a serpentine coil
clinging to that empty goblet, locked in a waning clutch
her tongue is a hydra of thorns & it’s rearing
razored forks lashing out in colorless thirst
at gnarled little rainbows, twisting in the mist of a bright new dawn
alas, Rosetta, withering cress
:iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 0 16
"deleted scenes from lucid dreams, repressed memories, manic hallucinations, vicarious experience, psychotropic flashbacks, divergent realities, paradoxical timelines, trans-dimensional brainwaves & neurological witchcraft..."


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" ignotas animum dimittit in artes..." – Ovid
("...and he abandoned his mind to obscure arts...")

greetings & welcome to my personal hole in the endless abyss. in particular, much love to my returning visitors & reigning champions - your support, encouragement & wayward attentions are blessings far beyond what any heretofore designed god(s) could ever claim credit for. i would not trade this humble history of uniquely personal thots, reactions & kindnesses i've received here for all the pageviews or digital accolades in the history of the internets. i drink to the comforts of esoteric obscurity & all the gifts bestowed therein for nearly 9 years now... once again, most profound gratitude to you, my friends... cheers...

i hope you will continue to forgive my silences, but even in response to high praise, i often find my own thots scattershot, oppressive & overwhelming beyond my tenuous grip on reality (or whatever this is that has had to pass for reality thus far...) responses will come in due time, but please forgive my occasional off-the-cuff inelegance - i'm far from what one might consider a great natural conversationalist. creatively, it's still quite the vexing endeavor for me to translate these little headwounds of mine called "ideas" into anything resembling artistry, or even art's crudely hammered-out bastardizations (though i admit that can be fun sometimes), so i can't promise much more to show for myself looking ahead. right now, i will post another very brief production i summoned up a month or so back, but that's all i can really offer for the moment. however, i do have a number of written works in various stages of creation: some nearing cultivation, while others are yet merely lyrical birth pangs kicking inside my skull. what may come of them all, only time will tell... in addition, i've resumed work on the "Death Metal Holocaust III" image after allowing that to rot on the vine for far too long. i'd judge it more than half-complete, but it's been a monstrous job fitting everything into place. in all things, i would again beg patience...

and so it goes... i reap the whirlwind when the stars align fortuitously, yet more often than not i stand fast, hold the line, crash my sword against the fore of my shield & howl obscenities at the sun... or i wallow in my shadow, listening to heavy metal, sipping whiskey, reading, watching old cartoons, popping pills & scribbling, scribbling, forever maniacally scribbling in the pages of my many notebooks. i pray my fellow artists are well at work in their own ways & that we'll be enjoying each others work again very soon...

_ j0sh _ :horns:
"total fucking doom"

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Josh Griffith
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"total fucking doom..."


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